Site update news

5th August 19


We hope you've enjoyed exploring the village and all its magical secrets!
It turns out the fae were upset they couldn't reach their dance circle as the path was blocked by the barn. Griseldis has agreed to cast a spell revealing the fae to the townsfolk. Surely now the townsfolk will have to believe in fairies! Karlmann and Gerlind will make sure to leave the barn door open a crack from now on so the fae can pass on through. So no more fae pranks at the well and barn, as long as the cream keeps coming! :)

Griseldis is a bit tired after casting that spell, so you may be able to sneak a free peek at your fortune while she's resting!

All token trade-in options are now available and no new ones will be added. After today, there will be three more days left to hunt for tokens. Make sure to check out all the map locations during these days for more free items.

Once token hunting is officially over there will be an additional two days left for token trade-ins, then we will head home from our vacation.