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27th July 19

It's time to join Avian & Totoro on their Summer Vacation
Welcome to our 2019 Summer Vacation Event! Avian and Totoro have been hiking in the woods and stumbled over a quaint, small village! What little wonders are we going to discover? Let's find out!

Click here to visit the village!
Click on different areas of the map to visit the townsfolk!
Remember to visit the village every day to discover new free gifts, deals, and new locations!

The community garden is overgrown with herbs. Please help out by picking some whenever you're walking around!
To collect these items look for a prize banner which will sometimes appear at the bottom of the page. It doesn't appear on every page, you will need to keep browsing around the site until you find one!

Click here to ask questions and discuss the event with other players in the Events board
Click here to enter the Dress-ups Challenge

So what are you waiting for? Lets go explore the village!