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18th December 18

It's December 18th on CS! Visit the Advent page and grab your gift! :D

Today's giftbox is stuffed full with hundreds of rare pets from the past 10 years. It's a lucky dip, you can adopt just a few random pets. Good luck! We hope you get something nice.

These pets are old, rare and valuable. This is not a normal gift, these pets are worth much much more than any other Advent Calendar gifts.

Don't trade these pets until you know what they're worth.
Getting ripped off in bad trades is the most common regret for CS players. December 18th is the worst date for bad trades! You may receive some terrible trade offers so don't accept anything until you're sure it's definitely good for you.

Want help? After the Dec 18th release you can visit these topics:
Click here to get help identifying your new pets.
Click here to ask for Dec 18th trade advice.
COPPA Players send a help ticket to ask Staff and General Helpers about your Dec 18th pets.

The December 18th re-release makes old and rare pets a little easier to collect and trade. You might not get super lucky with the pets you recieve, but the re-release will still benefit you. There will suddenly be a lot of new sunbacks and rainbow manes floating around, so trading and collecting old pets like those will become a little easier for everyone.

Cheating to get extra Dec 18th pets is super obvious and easy to detect, so please play fair if you don't want to get banned.

Also don't forget to showcase your catches in our Dec 18th Dressup Challenge! :)