Bastet4's cake:

Bastet4 described their cake:

My cake is Avian--well, it started as Avian but 5 hours after I started, I think its now my impression of Avian as a Badger. I hand molded Avian out of rice crispy treats, and she is sitting on a freshly baked round chocolate cake. When I started adding icing hair and marshmallow goggles, I think the rice crispies couldn't take anymore weight, lol. The cake is decorated with fondant flowers my sister handmade and says CHICKEN SMOOTHIE with a 3 and three candles for your third anniversary! I made her necklaces and other details out of icing and wings out of paper, and even added a paper Totoro! I took a TON of pics, if you want to see more of the process. Thanks, it was a lot of fun!