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Just Some Sketches by Celozon

Artist Celozon [gallery]
Time spent 37 minutes
Drawing sessions 1
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Just Some Sketches

Postby Celozon » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:50 am

Just doing a few sketches. I'm so lazy. I should be working on my comic right now XP Anyway, I thought I'd do these onthe computer though I normally just do them on paper and don't bother keeping them half the time.

So um I guess I should explain them. Starting from the top left to right; A random wolf, I'm still experimenting with this new style. Some claws, the first has what I normally do, three claws but I was also trying out 4 claws which I failed at. Then a random Fluffy, They have lots of cicles in them. Um, a confused Fluffy? IDK. Then thats my fursona, the marking color are actually darker than that. Then another Fluffy, this one is happy. Then I have a reproduction of a sketch I did a few days ago, rawring dragons are fun XD. There are some eyeballs over in the corner, I normally do the middle one but the one above is wolf-ish, than then of course there is the slit pupil. Then I have some chibi/Fluffy? versions of a wolf and dragon being happy. And then a random dragon with curled/ram horns and a beak. I still prefer the rounded snout though, like on my fursona.

I attempted a sloppy/sketchy coloring on some of them. Well comments and crits are always nice, let me know what you think. >.>

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