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-ˏˋ T H U M P ´ˎ- [ GIF YCH! ] by COOLDOGOOO

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Artist COOLDOGOOO [gallery]
Time spent 6 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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-ˏˋ T H U M P ´ˎ- [ GIF YCH! ]

Postby COOLDOGOOO » Fri Mar 17, 2023 3:49 am

Hello! This is my gif YCH, with many options!

Since the title is called 'Thump', it does relate to the gif! The idea was to have the tail thump (go up and down) on the ground. But, I added more options and examples that you can view here (scroll down to the post! :))! If requested, I will be accepting more templates.

Here is the pricing:


Basic - Blink | 25c$ or $0.25 USD

Default - Small thump + blink | 50c$ OR $0.50 USD

Advanced - Big thump + pant/blep/blink | 75c$ OR $0.75 USD

Extreme - Big thump + blink + blep/pant | 100c$ OR $1 USD

Tail edits | +50c$ OR $0.50 USD
Head edits/accessories | +25c$ or $0.25 USD
Complex design | +50c$ OR $0.50 USD


Transparent - free
Plain color - free
Grassland (shown above) - 2c$ OR free if payment in USD!
Abstract (give details) - depends on complexity OR free if payment in USD!
Other? (give details) - depends on complexity OR free if payment in USD!


Code: Select all
Type of order?:
Any edits/extras? If so, which ones?:
Payment type:
What do you think of this shop? (optional):





Hi there! I'm COOLDOGOOO [um the most randomest username
I thought of.. :P], but you can call me whatever you prefer, or
you can use DOGO /dogooo/ect! :D I'm very understanding, and
if you need to have a chat about anything- I'm open to PMs! <3
I'm trying to be more active on cs, so you can find me posting
around the oekaki boards! :D



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