Bug-Type Eevee Evolution by Uchuujin

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Artist Uchuujin [gallery]
Time spent 55 minutes
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Bug-Type Eevee Evolution

Postby Uchuujin » Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:08 pm

This is a bug type eevee evolution that I made up when Pokemon first came out when I was really young. When I saw the editable oekaki base of an eevee, I knew I wanted to do this guy.

If I had a tablet, I might have made the stinger, wings, and mouth look a lot better. But I did it all with a mouse, which was super hard for me.

When I was young I called this guy "Buzzeon." Hahaha I was sooooo creative. I don't know what I would actually name one if there was a real bug-type eevee evolution, but I definitely don't think it'd be Buzzeon.

The shiny version of this is yellow and orange, but the eyes and spots are still blue. I thought about making it, but this one was hard enough as it is XD

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