MERCURY Chicoon custom 2 by Skidj

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Artist Skidj [gallery]
Time spent 40 minutes
Drawing sessions 1
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MERCURY Chicoon custom 2

Postby Skidj » Sun Nov 08, 2020 8:53 am

Gonna make all the planets into chicoons!!
Starting with Mercury <33

Feel a little guilty abt making another rare baby but hhkkjhsd
I think most of them will be rare just cuz it makes sense with the design hjdhd...

Common; Single fire color, horns, tattoo, accessories tba
Uncommon; Sclera color
Rare; Two fires

Personal notes:
Mercury- two fires
Venus- Haircut
Earth- slime trait (blue)
Mars- additional ears
Jupiter- pupil edits
Saturn- (maybe halo)
Uranus- two tails
Neptune- Powers
Pluto- No tail

art by me

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