Wake me up when you have candy corn...

"Wake me up when you have candy corn..." by desibabe17

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Wake me up when you have candy corn...

Postby desibabe17 » Fri Oct 09, 2020 5:51 am

Sleepy little fox only wants to be awake to eat candy corn.
🐾🦁🐾🦁🐾My Ultimate Dreamies are the Target Dog and the August PPS Lion! 🐾🦁🐾🦁🐾

🌊🧜💦My all time Favorite CS animal is the Betta Fishes💦🧜🌊
🍃🌹I love all Items!🌾💫

🙂 I don't have very many friends on here and I would like to have more, so if you would like to be my friend I would really like that.☺️
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