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i still like pink by kaatlove

Artist kaatlove [gallery]
Time spent 7 hours, 46 minutes
Drawing sessions 10
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i still like pink

Postby kaatlove » Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:27 am

    clearing out some drawings

    i drew this when i was trying to figure out what to make the ppl in the comic look like and then i did a lil reality check and was like theres no way i can draw with this level of detail over and over so i didnt go with this exactly lmao
    its kinda fun tho so i made it pink

    put in the unshaded version too bc the diff is kinda cool idk man

    ok u know what now that i look at it posted i kinda dislike it a lot ghGHHG,,, might McDelete him later :cryballs:
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