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Keldine egg entry by Domino Tricks

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Artist Domino Tricks [gallery]
Time spent 2 hours, 58 minutes
Drawing sessions 3
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Keldine egg entry

Postby Domino Tricks » Tue Apr 07, 2020 11:25 am

I'm a traditional artist so this was difficult to do on computer.

username; Domino Tricks
non-rarity traits; Can I get glasses as an accessory or does that count as an item?
common traits; Hair above jawline, possibly heterochromia?
make a wish?; Fluffier tail maybe?
items added?; I haven't bought any so idk if I can put anything here.
how many keldines do you own?; None, this is this first time seeing them actually.
artist; [when your egg is claimed by an official artist, edit in the link to the their profile]
{EDIT} <--I marked on this page. (I saw others do this so I decided to put it here so I don't get disqualified)
{Former username - Dominitrix}
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