Flames by RupturedRaptor

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Artist RupturedRaptor [gallery]
Time spent 28 minutes
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Postby RupturedRaptor » Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:59 am

I couldn't come up with any more colors for the other 2 flames. The more detailed flames include the colors i'd prefer be the main colour palette (if possible). dont mind the background dragon its just there to make sure this doesn't get locked

I'd really like a quetzalcoatl type dragon if possible. Basically a feather or fluff covered dragon without limbs is what i'd really like.
If possible could the pose be something similar to this (warning: image of a snake)? Feel free to draw a different pose if you wish.

If thats too difficult feel free to draw any sort of dragon you want, i just really love dragons so i'll like them regardless.

tysm for the opportunity! your cover was really well made!
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