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Entry <3

Postby Archery_TPC » Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:04 pm

So last minute hh-

Sorry if I was supposed to post the version on the thread since it's off oekaki, but it's super last minute and I don't think it says. Apologies if I wasn't supposed to.

Anyways, this is rex-

She's 19, a libra, and pan :3
Little bit of backstory:
Rex isn't actually called Rex, it's just a nickname given by an old friend. She uses it because she hates her old name and its ties to her past.

She only has two tattoos, each one with quite a weird meaning. The one on her right leg looks like stitches, symbolizing she's been broken and stitched together. The one on her heart. Usually, there's always some part showing. Some part right out in the open with sensitive emotions that will eventually break.

Rex doesn't associate with her family. There's been a lot of abuse in the past while she lived with them, which I'll let you decide on what exactly went on, and she resents them. She dyed her hair, changed her name, and moved to a different city. All to get away from them.

Rex is a big softie on the inside but doesn't always like to show it. When she does, it often embarrasses her because of her dorky laugh and high pitched squeals. Once past all the paranoia and trust issues, one would find Rex is a totally loveable cinnamon roll. One of the reasons her hair is a light pink and she wears an 'OWO' shirt.

The mark on her neck:
Well, what do you think it is?
I'm leaving it for you to choose hehe

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