Rise | #2948 by chamomile.

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Rise | #2948

Postby chamomile. » Sun Jan 26, 2020 7:57 am

Welcome to Rise!
Rise is an adoptable based on Warrior Cats and focused around world building and character development.
Please make sure that you read the main thread so that you understand limits and levels!

    This cat may not be traded until: April 25th, 2020.
    There is a 2 month cooldown after each ownership change.
    For a transfer to be official, both parties must post on this cat's page. The original owner must post in the archive.

    This is a custom cat for liightning
    Please give me the rest of the info!


Simple Description: MH dusty brown tabby with white and orange eyes

Other Features:
siblings: n/a

------------------------------------------ SSS: Foundation
----------------- SS: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SSD: Foundation
Father: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SDS: Foundation
----------------- SD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SDD: Foundation

------------------------------------------ DSS: Foundation
----------------- DS: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DSD: Foundation
Dam: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DDS: Foundation
----------------- DD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DDD: Foundation
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