somber child by Knickknacks

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somber child

Postby Knickknacks » Sat Jan 25, 2020 9:34 am

HIM as well... baby.

All the Notes are going here:
okay so I initially intended for this batch to be ooc?? but then... nah these kids need their parents.
so what if Clove is in a fantasy AU and Janus is in a space AU. We can have a multiverse family. That is.
They'll exist simultaneously in my various universes :>

space au I'm thinking Clove will be an ex-bounty hunter who settles down as a protector/Muscle for Janus' expedition squad. And y'know. they eventually get married. As an example.

(in the modern au they're just happy. No drama aside from normal Life Stuff. happy family.)

ANYWAYS for this kid himself? I'm thinking kinda quiet and somber. Because I'm a choir kid he will be too. Somber little bass in his choir, friends w. Mellie. His brother has a dumb crush on her and it amuses him. He himself is actually a brilliant actor? He's like a whole different person on stage, and wants to be an actor someday.

Name-wise.. Sullivan? Elmore? Something kinda classy and somber-sounding for the serious kiddo.
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