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"goats" by mdotjpeg


Postby mdotjpeg » Thu Jan 23, 2020 8:20 am

uh i really like goats

if youre curious, theres 70 total (including the milk)
20 Items
-19 2019 Chinese New Year goat plushies
-1 Fae mischief goat milk token

50 pets
-43 2015 Chinese New Year goats
-5 Boer Goats
-3 British Alpina Goats
-8 Jamunapari Goats
-7 La Mancha Goats
-5 Milk Goats
-3 Nubian Goats
-9 Alpina Goats
-3 Pygmy goats

-6 easter goats
-2 Brown goats
-1 Grey goat
-3 White goats

-1 2012 store fairy goat

im probably gonna keep this updated as i get more goats
hey im m!! or jpeg if that sounds better to you. i draw.
you can find most of my art on deviantart, tumblr, and instagram.
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