Euphorian Thoroughbred #F107 by Half Tree

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Euphorian Thoroughbred #F107

Postby Half Tree » Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:00 am

Welcome to the Euphorian Retired Racehorse Project
Euphorian Thoroughbreds are a rare string of the Thoroughbred breed. They come from a single farm simply called “Euphoria” that has horses with mutated genes. These allow them to be able to possess any realistic coat or markings. Everything else about the sub-type is the same. Long, strong legs, a powerful hind, and great speed. Their eyes are soft and the breed is incredibly smart, if not a bit goofy. They love kids and have the rare ability to excel in any discipline. They can grow from 15hh-18hh, though usually somewhere in the middle.
The horses readopted through the Euphorian Retired Racehorse Project are looking for a new loving home and a new job. They’ve tried racing and have either retired or decided the sport wasn’t for them. Either way, they are ready for the next chapter in their life. Some of these horses will come with a little training already, and will have their new discipline already determined. Although others you’ll get to pick how they move forwards!

Username: buckskin.
Show Name:
Barn Name:
Gender: Stallion
Eye Color: Brown
Phenotype: Sooty Dunskin Splash
Genotype: EE AA Crcr Dd Stysty Splspl
Mane Type: Trimmed mane
Breeding Info:
- Dominant for extension and agouti, will always produce bay based foals. [EE AA]
Edit List: [n/a]

Sire: Ego
Dam: Athena

Will be grown February 2nd.

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[b]Height:[/b] hh
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