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The complex by RupturedRaptor

Artist RupturedRaptor [gallery]
Time spent 7 minutes
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The complex

Postby RupturedRaptor » Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:04 am

The alien species Judge and Disk belong to.
They call themselves the Complex although many know their species as Plexians because their home planet is called Plex.

-Almost all have purple (most common), (or in rare cases pink, red, and very rarely blue on their body somewhere (not including eye color). Often individuals without purple do not survive as they are born without features essential to survival. Only one individual has ever been documented surviving without any of these pigments.
-most have 3 thingers & a thumb per hand. Disks doesn't have thumbs however due to a rare mutation (and he struggles with several aspects of their normal life as a result)
-4 toes
-they don't have claws, the fingers & toes are just pointed. they have many joints in the hands & toes which allow for movement thar is not possible for human hands. Their skin in incredibly tough in general, but the hands are particularly tough.
-horns on head used to be significant in their social structure but their modern society now values intelligence much more. Some 'old fashioned' individuals still have a bias for or against certain horns however.
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