Eggo by RupturedRaptor

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Postby RupturedRaptor » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:26 am

Honestly any species is ok, human or human with animal ears & tail preffered. I had a dimension traveling theme in mind whilst creating this but anything that inspires you should be fine.

One very important thing: if you do a human character design please pick a regular skin tone for the skin color. I didn't include a skin color on the egg so feel free to pick any natural skin color you think fits. ^^

Likes: my likes for characters in general are extremely large, so i've only selected a few here. Otherwise the likes list would be extremely long.
time travel themes
masculine smart clothing (a smart shirt, suit, tie - that sort of thing)
robotic parts or limbs- cyborgs
horns or antlers
large pointy animal ears, fennec fox type ears (if doing human/humanoid with animal features)
long fluffy tail or a shark tail (if doing human/humanoid with animal features)

clown inspired stuff (i just don't connect to 99.99% of clown-esk designs)

tysm if you decide to create mine! ^^
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