Places Around SmoothieVille: The Daycare

Create and decorate a scene with your friends to show off your favorite pets!

Places Around SmoothieVille: The Daycare

Postby Eeveegoon! » Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:24 am

Basic Description
"Places Around SmoothieVille" is a series of dressup scenes that showcase areas around the ChickenSmoothie universe! It takes place in the capital city, SmoothieVille, where most pets live! Each scene will also have a goal to collect a certain amount of one pet species! Donate to help us reach the goal. After reaching the goal, everyone who donated gets 3 free OMGSC-C pets from this group! Most of the donated pets will be given to new players or gifted randomly.

The daycare is where the little pets go to play!

Time to collect 100 PPS pets! Ready, set, go!
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