Make a Character, Get a Character! | Closed by seiren.ryder

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Make a Character, Get a Character! | Closed

Postby seiren.ryder » Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:48 am

i'm lookin for characters right now and i'm a scrooge :,)

probably won't claim / make ones in return for all of them. these things usually become pretty popular / busy fast.
if i don't claim your design / character within two days feel free to do whatever with 'em!

PLEASE make at least a small list of your likes / dislikes. if you don't want a human, let me know and i can do ferals too (possibly anthros)! i will do my best to match your effort, just know i cannot draw human(oid)s so if you want one i'll have to do it on base. if you make more than one and they're all relatively simple, i may make two / three simple ones in return or one medium - complex one.

right now i'm looking for mostly human humanoids (so, preferably no tails, etc.) but if you think you've got a good design go for it!
if you're one of those people who like to match characters to their animals / mounts: x

General likes / dislikes:
  • cat eyes / slit pupils!
  • g l o w
  • sharp teef
  • cowboys / western characters
  • male / masculine characters
  • mythological creatures
  • really, anything that looks dangerous probably works
  • neon (unless used well as an accent)
  • female / very feminine characters

Feral / Anthro likes / dislikes:
  • multiple eyes
  • wings (if they don't seem to overcrowd)
  • horns / antlers
  • anything monster-like
  • cute things work too!
  • insects, arachnids, amphibians, molluscs
Humanoid likes / dislikes:
  • medieval / fantasy clothing!
  • horns usually
  • unnaturally coloured skin
  • sandals / any other exposed feet
  • e l v e s

i've seen,, some cowboy centaurs lately and centaurs aren't usually characters i like but,,,
these were babies

Terms (apply to both you and I):
  1. may move / recolour signature(s) (if any), but not remove or obscure them
  2. may edit claimed designs however
  3. may sell unclaimed designs
  4. may trade / gift designs with no additional art and ones with additional art
  5. may only sell designs with additional art at no more than the character's overall value

other art offers
hey That's Offensive. psst. if recolouring your sig wasn't okay let me know! i duplicated the original layer.
recoloured it so it would show up on both black and / or white backgrounds.

Last bumped by seiren.ryder on Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:48 am.
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