Haiku Canis Lupus Nursery Artist Search by Lady Mascaraed

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Haiku Canis Lupus Nursery Artist Search

Postby Lady Mascaraed » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:43 pm

Main Thread

This search will only be opened when we are in need of new nursery artists for the species, and closed when users are chosen for the Guest Artist stage. You will pick parents from the provided list of staff-owned HCL’s to make fake kits to show off your designing skills. You're allowed to participate each time it opens no matter if you tried out before or not!
Status: Closed

• You make may as many entries as you desire whenever this search is open. Please cease all entries when it is closed. I will post updates to this thread whenever the status changes!

• It is required that you link your previous entries.

• You must use a minimum of two or a max of three of the provided "parents" in this post for these fake batches.

• Do not remove the "FAKE" signs. (Not applicable until I make the fake sign)

•Do not color this in as your character, fursona, or anything other than a new design for the purpose of entering this competition.

•If accepted as a Nursery Artist, you may only create nursery batches. This position does not allow you to create Main Adopts for the species.

• These entries cannot be turned into MYO Customs or be used as inspiration for a custom and they're designs from existing and owned staff HCL’s.

• If chosen as a Nursery Guest Artist, you will be allowed to make a total of four official batches for the species before being voted on by staff for a permanent position.

• When rolling for a Legendary Trait, act as if you're actually a nursery artist rolling, meaning you must live stream the Legendary rolls.


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