"One down, many more to go!"

""One down, many more to go!"" by flierfly

Dressup entry

"One down, many more to go!"

Postby flierfly » Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:04 pm

Enoki and Voodoo Lily (lily) sat together on a wooden bench in the thick forest. Both are enjoying tea.

Lily looks around at the trees and natural undergrowth. "Wow," She paused, drinking her hot tea. "it's so pretty here...." She points with her tea cup at the leaves that were turning different shades with the ongoing seasons. She smiles, saying; "Look!"
Enoki sipped her tea and looked at the surrounding area. "Man, it's really starting to be autumn."
"I wish it was like this all year round. It's like a dream." Lily said, smiling.
Enoki paused, remembering something. Enoki carefully placed her yellow tea cup on the bench. "You know, that reminds me of my dream last night! Care to hear it?" She asked.
Lily nodded her head, still enjoying her tea.
Enoki was ecstatic, prepared to tell the wacky dream. "It all started in this here forest. But it wasn't as lush and green, it was just sparce trees around. Anyways," Enoki tells the story with her paws by making motions. "I was alone. Well, kinda. I had a little magnifying glass and a pouch of candy and a... a trap thing. Anyways, I remember I was looking for ghosts."
Lily shivers.
"No, no! they weren't scary, they were small and white. They had small dots for eyes and they loved candy! Anyways, I made a trail of candy and a little ghost- it was so so cute -just appeared! I didn't really know what to do, so I just trapped it. Cool, right?" Enoki asks. Before Lily can speak, she continues. "And then I was done with that one, but for some reason I just knew in my brain that there was more. So I looked around, running all up and down and then I found it- A ghost hiding behind a pumpkin! Best dream ever! And it was like I could control things, like magi-"
Lily stops her. "Lucid dream," She says in a serious tone. "please continue."
Enoki laughs. "Sorry, I'm just going on and on... Anyways, that's where the dream ended. It was so much fun!"
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