Corwin's Last Adventure. ;(

"Corwin's Last Adventure. ;(" by CinderClan27

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Corwin's Last Adventure. ;(

Postby CinderClan27 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 2:09 pm

This beautiful stallion has appeared in many different scenes, but this is his final destination. Please like this scene, he is a beautiful stallion, and is back in a English saddle and bridle with a white saddle pad, as well as leg wraps. Corwin loves to gallop around the forest pathways, but it is time to say goodbye to Corwin's adventures. Please like, as this stallion means a lot to me, and I hope Corwin has left a hoofprint on your heart too. ;) Corwin has had a great time, galloping around everywhere. He has said goodbye, and I have let him go to continue his own adventures.
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