Bunnies 2

"Bunnies 2" by greenbunny1998

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Bunnies 2

Postby greenbunny1998 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 9:24 am

I also dressed up this up with teddy bear because I love rabbits and I named bunny after one of my pet bunnies.
Rabbit facts:
Male rabbit called a buck and female rabbit called a doe
Carrots are unhealthy for rabbits
Rabbit teeth never stop growing
Female rabbit gives birth to their young after a month (pregnant for only a month)
Female rabbits will create their nest within one week before they give birth
Females will feed their young twice a day
Female rabbits after feeding their young will leave the young until next feeding
Baby rabbits will have full body of fur after one week
Baby rabbits are born with eyes closed
Baby rabbits will open their eyes within 10 - 18 days
You should never pick up a rabbit by their ears it causes them serious pain

My favourite animal is rabbits so I don't trade my bunnies. Never give up, you are all amazing. Achieve your dreams, look forward and not back and carry on being amazing.

Feel free to send me PM, trade, art customs you want me to do etc. I definitely will gladly help anyone with CS or other website i'm on and talk about animals and help with anything you would like to know about rabbits :D Please don't be afraid to ask any questions :D.

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