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Customs| Adopters- Closed| Staff- Open

Postby Lady Mascaraed » Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:00 am


In order to make a MYO, you will need to purchase a MYO stone in our Heart Shop! You will need to fill out the form below and post it on this thread, you will then have to wait for either the owner, co-owner, or a full-time artist to approve your MYO! You can also ask one of our full-time artist or guest artist to make your MYO for you. If asking a staff to make your MYO, you will need to fill out the second form provided below!
Staff MYO's will remain open 24/7!

Making my MYO Form for adopters only
Code: Select all
[b]Making My MYO[/b]
❥Proof of MYO stone❥
❥If you would prefer an artist, which artist❥
❥Today's date (month/day/year)❥

Staff MYO Form for staff only
Code: Select all
[b]Staff Make My MYO![/b]
❥Preferred artist (if any)❥
❥Details of how you would like your MYO (colors, markings, add-ons, ect.)❥
❥Today's date (month/day/year)❥
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