PAHS #1 Silvery Grey Stallion by Ariana Black

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Artist Ariana Black [gallery]
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PAHS #1 Silvery Grey Stallion

Postby Ariana Black » Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:13 pm

As you approach the stables you hear a whistling call. You turn and see an older stallion stepping out of the falling snow. There is intelligence in his eyes and there is a powerful grace about him. You recognize him as the founding stallion of the breed. You feel a slight chill knowing that this was the very stallion that was said to run free and that he was the one that helped search out the best mares to start the breed. He is wild and only allows the owner of the stables to ride him. Anyone else risks everything. You feel a bit relieved to know that his foals are nothing like him though they do have some wildness that gives them their passion.

Username: Ariana Black
Stable Name: Whispering Phantom
Barn Name: Zanzibar
Age: Ageless
Base Color: Silvery Grey
Eye Color: Frost Blue
Height: 16.3
Type: Founder
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