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Recruitment by lilpupin

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Artist lilpupin [gallery]
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Postby lilpupin » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:43 am

Main Page ~ Archives ~ Shop ~ Artist Search ~ refugee camp ~ recruitment ~ Training/fighting

This is recruitment. Come here to find soldiers that are looking for a battalion to join.

-Do not whine/complain if you were not picked to win the animal you tried to adopt
-Be kind
-Follow all CS rules
-If you have a problem send a moderator a PM
-These rules are subject to change

How do I adopt?
Go to the adopt link. There you will see many animals up for adoption. Click on the one you like. Then, follow
the instructions of the artist that made them. As long as there is no flag in the upper left corner of the drawing,
you can still try to adopt them. If you win them you will get to color it in.

The contest was supposed to end two days ago when will the results come in?
Artists get a total of three days to judge their contest after the end date. This gives them time to get around to
it, just in case life gets in the way, or they forget. On the fourth day someone else will judge their competition
for them, that way you don't have to wait too long!

You mentioned events?
Yes! Events will happen for a number of reasons. Holidays, milestones, etc. will spark an event. When that happens
normal adopts will be momentarily halted. All new adopts will be underneath the event page during the event. At
events there will be some recruits looking to join, that are not the usual three. At some events these are rarer than
others. Special markings can be seen during most holidays as well.
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