entry 5 - eevee by Takura.

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Artist Takura. [gallery]
Time spent 18 minutes
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entry 5 - eevee

Postby Takura. » Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:11 am

sorry the background looks different - i accidentally drew my sketch on the bg layer, rip fdsjfgjsd

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I want to be an artist!
Username: Takura Nokinu
Why do you want to be an artist?: it looks like it'd be fun and it'd also help me branch out with drawing different pokemon uvu
How often can you make adopts?: ppppretty often, i have a lot of free time, oops. can make it known when i will not be available if necessary.
Past experience? Before, I ran a lil species thing in the main forums called Loaf Cats. I've also done a number of kalon (and other species) designs.
Preference: Starters, customs, adopts, n feral/4 legged/non-anthro pokemon, with a few exceptions (zoroark, mew, cubone?)
Summary of you: nyello i'm takura, I like drawing and just kinda going feral. i have a lot of free time so you'll probably see me around. eevee is my favorite.
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I'm Takura n I love Junko Enoshima.
I'm very fond of Pokemon, Danganronpa,
Paranatural, Warrior Cats, n others.
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