The Final Havens (Chapter 3)

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"The Final Havens (Chapter 3)" by Eeveegoon!

The Final Havens (Chapter 3)

Postby Eeveegoon! » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:08 am

Timothy Redwink the Griffae sat on the ledge above the cave. "Sadly, our queen spoke to me in my dream, and said she was dead. I will look into my crystal ball and see who the next queen will be." Timothy watched as the spirit lights flew around to form a shape in the ball. "The new queen will be Ivy Jumpyclover. Please get your crown." Ivy ran up to accept it. Timothy looked into the ball once more. "And the king will be Karma Flirtywillow." The two ran to each other. They were already mates. They got their crowns, and said, "We will protect the kingdom with our lives."
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