The Final Havens (Chapter 2)

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"The Final Havens (Chapter 2)" by Dinosaur.

The Final Havens (Chapter 2)

Postby Dinosaur. » Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:04 pm

Sophie Oakflash backed up against a tree. She spoke to the green Faedog in front of her. "Charlotte Mossfur... Why did you do this to me?" Charlotte spoke, pure hatred in her voice. "Shut up. I am not Charlotte Mossfur! I'm Marth Frost now. Queen Marth Frost of the Darklings." Sophie could only watch as Marth advanced, an Eviquine and Darkirin behind her. She screeched as Marth pounced on her. She managed to get out some last words before she faded. "The Haven... is very far..."

And then, the queen of Lightlings was dead.
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