The Final Havens (Prologue)

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"The Final Havens (Prologue)" by Dinosaur.

The Final Havens (Prologue)

Postby Dinosaur. » Tue Aug 06, 2019 1:59 am

I decided to make a story based on the event pets. A brief explanation: The Final Havens are the last safe place for the Light Creatures because the Dark Creatures destroyed everything.

Treva Starleaf, the queen backed up. "Darkling, what is your buisness here?" The guards were to scared to help. The Darkling laughed. "I mean no harm. I am Lincoln Darkmore. Give up your territory and I will leave in peace." A small Fungustag fawn named Blaze Cricketbay sat in the shade. To Lincoln's shock, Blaze charged up. "Leave us alone." He was trembling. But something told Lincoln he was going to die here. Blaze charged, and a force of a thousand nukes shook the Havens. Both were killed in the impact but it was a day no one would forget. The black skies slowly turned a perfect blue. Many more Lightlings came out of the Broken Continent, out of hiding. The world around them expanded, making a safe place. That day, the Final Havens were created.
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