Mocha ~ Mine VS Yours ~ by Topsy Turvey

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Mocha ~ Mine VS Yours ~

Postby Topsy Turvey » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:07 pm

Hello everyone!
This is my gorgeous girl Mocha who is my one and only character
so far who is a shapeshifter and can be either human or feral!

(Human form;)

I absolutely adore her and wanted to draw her and I'd seen a lot of these around
lately so I figured I'd make a drawing here so I could see all y'alls lovely art styles as well! <333

I've drawn her as a pup because I suck at humans but feel free to draw her as either,
honestly I'm just going to be ecstatic if anyone draws her at all! cx

For a better ref click here and if you're curious, her is here. <3
Also, feel free to remove the template and/or my art to give yourself some extra space!

If you do participate you are agreeing to let me post the art to her, where I keep all the images I have of her! <3
You will definitely be credited for the artwork though, so if you have a preference on where to be credited please let me know!

It'd also be amazing if afterwards you could add me or separate your art yourself from the mine/yours
template and my artwork. Of course this step isn't necessary and either way your work is much appreciated
but it'd just make it much nicer (and easier) to upload to her! <3
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