Custom Pillowtail WIP by DragonOfEmber

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Artist DragonOfEmber [gallery]
Time spent 9 hours, 13 minutes
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Custom Pillowtail WIP

Postby DragonOfEmber » Tue May 14, 2019 3:41 pm

Transferring to 76Heart

The final product will have these edits:
[common] pupil edit - none, hair above jawline
[uncommon] minor fur edits - chest fluff/mane and fluffier tail, ear edits - no tuft/different shape
[rare] horn edits - two sets/both edited
[legendary] wings, colour changing

Further Edits:
This is Unapproved as of yet, though Heart has given me their permission to make this Pillowtail.
(Thank you so much for allowing that, by the way. you are the absolute kindest person I have met here on chicken smoothie, and I appreciate everything, thank you!)

Possible ideas;

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