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Collected trot by khenney

Artist khenney [gallery]
Time spent 11 minutes
Drawing sessions 1
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by khenney

Collected trot

Postby khenney » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:27 pm

Besides the size of his head (I still like its shape and look) I really like this scribble. The hind right leg is a little odd but that was a sizing issue caused by the head.
I'm loving the barrel/flank/hip area. Not only does it look decent but I think it has a stylized feel to it
I'm back! If I owe you anything please contact me so I can get that finished for you.

My replacement stylis has arrived! I will be doing a fee practice sketches and colorins
then I'll get back to my commissions/projects. Now that I have it back I've got some art block 😅

Art commissions and trades are closed. May open them again this winter of 2020

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