R.I.P Sadie Mae

"R.I.P Sadie Mae" by Runnersback

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R.I.P Sadie Mae

Postby Runnersback » Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:49 pm

This challenge hits close to my heart,when I found this dog in the pound it looked exactly like my first dog Sadie Mae!Sadie Mae was a golden retriever that I adopted as a puppy from a breeder.She was my best friend and we went through thick and thin together,we had many tea party's,birthday bashes,Christmas's ,hurricane and snow stories! I remember the first time she saw snow we had her on a cable leash and she went plowing through the snow I had never seen a happier dog!My last memories with my best friend was when we went up to the mountains and we went hiking through the woods together.A Month later after the mountains she fell ill,she stopped eating and drinking fluids,using the bathroom,and could barely walk.We had rushed her to Blue Pearl a emergency vet Hospital.They had diagnosed her with lymphoma a common cancer in golden retrievers.Me and my father sat there sobbing in the vets office knowing she had only a week to live or less.3 days later it got worse she was hiding in the back room and my mom told me she's getting closer to passing and we didn't have the heart to keep her suffering.So we called my father and talked everything over and got her Euthanized.I cried myself to sleep and when I think about her I still cry.I put my emotions into making a memory box of her with photos,toys,her leash and collar in it.I also helped with local humane societies and ASPCA"S in her honor,soon we fell in love with this beautiful tawny stray lab/mix and rescued this baby from the Humane society.Today we have her adoptive sister in our care who we named Autumn Rose.(the tawny stray) These two dogs have left there paw prints on my family heart!
We Love you Sadie Mae! Rest in Peace baby girl!
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