morkel by cairo02

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Postby cairo02 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:17 pm

This is Morkel, my cute little Dinoken dude! He loves children's coloring books, especially ones with animals💕
hi there! i'm toast, and i honestly
have no idea why i put so much
space in this signature... someone
help me please 😅 i love reading,
writing, and webtoons. some of
my favorite webtoons are lalin's
curse, shiloh, castle swimmer,
matchmaker hero, #muted, and
there's a whole lot more...
pm me if you ever want to talk
webtoons, or if you ever have
i'm almost always willing to
talk, but if not... you may get
ghosted out of the blue, so i
apologize in advance... i'm on
lioden, but my username
changes constantly; my ID
number is #164660 if you need
anything ❤ also, i have a referral
code for that, but i'll need to
update it soon: 6rmu3ewe7z
the siggy rotator I used is here,
and the character shown is my
bby eron!
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