MariGold by holopoems

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Artist holopoems [gallery]
Time spent 11 minutes
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Postby holopoems » Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:37 am

One of my ocs!

hello I’m holopoems , but you can call me, holo -
or just kat uhdiej3oi yeah just a socially awkward
idiot tbh. bettalongs art is so amazing. honeycreeper66
is like my only friend. Olivur’s art is also amazing. VENUS
is the best general helper on CS. so go send them
all gifts. lol i have some studies to do so pms will be slightly slow,
if i dont respond within 24hrs don’t be afraid to resend
pms, have a wonderful day and thanks for reading !

striders -senegals - cottontails - holo - th - bogs - HoloPoems ♡#7387

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