⭐️ — eto by suds

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Artist suds [gallery]
Time spent 3 minutes
Drawing sessions 3
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by suds

by suds

⭐️ — eto

Postby suds » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:48 am

isnt he so perfect!!!!!! (yes)

- black sheep of the family
- practices magic with kiki
- but umm plot twist!!!!! he becomes EVIL
- ya so once hes evil hes like. idk how to write evils
- he doesnt umm kill people but hee uses black magic
- ya and then kiki & nikolai are like no!!!!!!!!
- then eto SHOOTS HIS BROTHER get beaned
- ya and then umm he runs away into the dark woods
- once hes in the woods he is. evil man for real now
- and he curses livestock & farmers and stuff
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