Kylig Fox / Hadley by SilhouetteStation

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Kylig Fox / Hadley

Postby SilhouetteStation » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:11 am

Hadley • Male • He/Him

"We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too" - Kristin Martz

Times bred: 0
Remaining breedings: 3

-Traits & Rarities-
minor ear edits [c]
short hair [c]
small horns [uc]
backmane [uc]

Hadley often went flower picking around his neighborhood, always trying to find someplace new that could hold different kinds. He'd just found a new spot by the river, though the banks were a bit muddy, he was careful not to dirty any petals. As he was working, he stumbled across something hard in the ground. He pulled it out and washed it in the water, and to his surprise it was a locket! It looked very old, and the chain was a bit rusty, but otherwise it was in good condition. Opening it up, there were only the very soggy remains of a picture that could no longer be made out. There were, however, initials on the back. Something about the locket made him feel melancholy, as though he was holding something precious that had been lost. So he decided to take it home with him, and made a promise to himself and the locket that he would track down the original owner to return it to them.
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