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Rabirbs | Artist Search by Heidy

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Artist Heidy [gallery]
Time spent 4 minutes, 38 seconds
Drawing sessions 2
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Rabirbs | Artist Search

Postby Heidy » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:45 am

-if accepted as an artist, I will message you saying you got a spot on the artist team
-rabirbs you make cannot be sold; they must be given away through FCFS/raffles/competitions
-feel free to add clothing or accessories to rabirbs
-wings are a rare trait, please do not use them often on rabirbs you design
-rabirb line edits are currently not allowed
-bright neon colors are not allowed

there's sections for parts of the rabirb. There is the COLOR PALETTE, EYE, EARS, TAIL, WINGS and COLORS (body, mane, feet, etc.) for EARS and TAIL, you get to choose what kind of tail and/or ears you'd like on your rabirb. if you need help, please PM me asap!

Good luck to everyone! Even if you don't get hired I still appreciate that you tried and showed interest <3

hi, i'm Heidy.
a young self taught artist and
a mom of two birb babies. i plan
to be a ornithologist when i'm older!
i'm p chill and i love making
new friends, feel free to chat
w/ me anytime <3
✦ mexican ✦ she/her ✦ capricorn ✦ bi ✦
i love reading, art, nature,
and staying up late. i'm also
into some fandoms like su,
animal crossing, kirby, etc.!



"It is no coincidence
both birds and angels
have wings."

✦ blank


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