Silhou / DustClan / Thunderstar by SilhouetteStation

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Silhou / DustClan / Thunderstar

Postby SilhouetteStation » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:33 pm

Thunderstar, leader of DustClan

'large dark grey tom with amber eyes'

Name: Thunderstar
Gender: Male
Age: 62 moons (five years, two months)
Rank: Leader
Previous name: Thunderclaw
Lives: 7/9 (two lost)

A calm and sensible leader, Thunderstar leads the clan well through his firm morals of compassion and understanding. He avoids conflict with other clans, and is an advocate for talking out problems rather than leaping into battle. Is fiercely loyal to his clan, and everyday is reminded of how honoured he is to lead them. He maintains a good relationship with every cat, because he believes a clan in peace is a clan that will prosper. Living up to his name, he enjoys the sound of rain and the low rumble of thunder on the horizon. Has a soft spot for kits.

His first life was lost during a storm, trying to cross a river with a few clanmates on patrol when a flash flood came through and swept him downstream. While one of them ran back to camp for help, two others chased him down the riverbank, including Smallcloud. The smaller tom leapt into the river ahead of his leader, grabbing hold of his scruff and trying to make it back to the bank. In the process his leg got caught between rocks and debris, the force of the water twisting it. He fought desperately to keep larger cats head above water until help came and they were rescued. Despite Smallcloud's selfless bravery, Thunderstar still lost one of his lives, and Smallcloud's leg was not able to be repaired properly, which led to the end of his time as a warrior. As a kit he'd always had an interest in herbs and their properties, and so grateful for the second chance, took on the role as medicine cat apprentice. Since that day the two cats have always shared a special bond, and are very close.

His second was lost during his own act of bravery defending kits from a fox attack. The kittens had wandered too far from camp, eager to explore, but found themselves in deep trouble after stumbling into a fox den. Thunderstar and his patrol hears their frightened crying, and called out so they would hear their voices and run towards them. It was a ferocious battle, the fox being a grown male, and other cats also sustained serious injury. The kits ran back to camp to sound the alarm, and almost every cat who could fight ran to the battle to help their clanmates and defend their territory. The fox, overwhelmed by the number of cats and their fierce spirit, was driven away for good. It is now a tale told to kits in the nursery to warn them off wandering outside of camp.
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