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stellan ref

Postby broken* » Thu May 31, 2018 10:11 am

    username;; hiya! i'm broken*. i am currently a proud owner of one single kalon, a nursery kit gifted to me, and would love to add this lovely guy to become mine<3
    name;; "my full name is stellan ogden. my first name, stellan, is of swedish origin, and it means, simply, 'calm'. my last name, ogden, comes from english origin, and means 'oak valley'. most other kalons just call me stellan, although i do respond to the nickname of stell occasionally."
    gender & sexuality;; "i consider myself to be a male. my orientation, well, i consider myself to be pansexual, because in my mind, gender should not affect who you love."
    job/career;; "i am currently working my dream job. i am working with the the american federal bureau of intelligence (fbi) as a forensic anthropologist. basically, what that means, is that i get to work with bones, all day every day. i use my doctorate degree (ph.d) to examine skeletal remains to help law enforcement agencies. i used to work for the jeffersonian institute by dating old remains from historical periods of time. but after seeing what i could do, the fbi recruited me to help them solve crimes, murders specifically. and i love it."
    work playlist;; "these are just a few of my favorite songs to listen to while i'm working in my office! believe me, there are plenty more, this is just a handful."
    ━dust n' bones (by guns n roses)━
    ━bones (by radiohead)━
    ━the ghosts that haunt me (by crash test dummies)━
    ━wrong side of heaven (five finger death punch)━
    ━skeletons of society (by slayer)━
    ━mz hyde (by halestorm)━
    ━born to be wild (by steppenwolf)━
    ━dirty deeds done dirt cheap (by ac/dc)━
    ━them bones (by alice in chains)━
    ━bone machine (by pixies)━
    personality;; when it comes to his work, stellan can come across as cold and antisocial. he tries to focus as intensely as he possibly can when he is doing something, and puts his 100% into whatever he's doing. in every aspect of his life, stellan is exremely meticulous, meaning he is a total perfectionist who wants to do everything precisely to the best of his ability. some may say that stellan has a bit of ocd because of this, since everything in his workspace has to be in a specific place at any given time. when he isn't working, he can appear to be a completely different kalon, at least in some aspects. he enjoys going out and having fun, such as singing karaoke with his friends who are drunk at a bar. stellan loves learning new things whenever he can, about any subject or topic that he possibly can. whether it be something he considers superfluous, like fashion or design, versus something very scientific like calculus or molecular biology.
    greatest fear;; true love, or lack thereof. stellar fears that because of his dedication to his work, a job seen as odd by most he will not be able to find someone that loves him and wants to spend their lives together.
--phoebe -- she/her -- pansexual--
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