Riversoul WIP by \OwO/

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by \OwO/

Riversoul WIP

Postby \OwO/ » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:03 am

She Is My Warrior OC.
She Is One In A Series.
By The End Of This Project, She Will Have Had All Of The Spare Facial Features On Her.
Lines Are Not Mine. ~~

Hi! I Am An CS User That Is Addicted To Harry Potter. As You Can Probably Tell I Ship Dramione. I Am Currently Looking For Store Pets So If You Want To Trade, Shoot Me One! My Harry Potter House Is My Favourite Character's, Draco. I Am In Slitherin. Paying For Art Of My Sonas. I Absolutely Love The Song; The Call. I Am A She/Her And Is A Bit Depressed Because I Am Still Getting Over A Break-up. I Use Oekaki But I Am Mainly Using DA To Draw. If You EVER Need Anyone To Talk To, Just Remember, My PM Box Is Always Open If You Need Me.
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