Sneezy times

"Sneezy times" by Varian !

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Sneezy times

Postby Varian ! » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:54 pm

You entered the room were you saw little Canada sneezing and reading some books
''O-Oh hey!! I wasn't expecting you to come here today!'' Canada sneezes again and fixes his blanket
''I saw that I was a bit sick today, and decided to read some books and snuggle with my little plush to pass the time! And it's been doing great so far! I kinda feel better a bit already'' He giggles and his tail wiggles in a curl
''These books take me to my fantasy side'' He sighs '' And.. I kinda already fell asleep since they get me some good dreams too!'' Canada sneezes and giggles.
''Also if you're heading on your way back to the studio, tell Nickkk that I feel a bit better now, and tell him thanks for letting me use his office or... Library..'' Canada looks around the room with his head tilting up with his eyes shimmering with the light coming from above.
You look up at the lights too and your eyes sparkle.
''Well hurry on then! I don't want you to get caught without permission on being in here! Nickkk gets pretty mad when we don't ask for permission... Bye!!'' He waves and you head out the door smiling.
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