Hurry to practice!!

"Hurry to practice!!" by Varian !

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Hurry to practice!!

Postby Varian ! » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:25 pm

''Oh no!! Hurry we need to go to practice with all of these things..!''
She runs through the forest leaving a ball of dust wherever she flees..
''Oof! Cmon! Saiph, we can get to practice on time and soon become a royal guard to protect my people!!''
She giggles like a little pup and sways her sword out of her mouth and plays doing some actions, but remembers to get on time.
''School really tires me out, I cant believe I signed up for something so far away! But i'm going to keep loving what I signed up to do.. Well thought of doing ever since I was a pup.''
Her ears slide down and and she sprints happily through the forest.. And soon makes it to practice...
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