Silon #1 by AutumnMutt

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Silon #1

Postby AutumnMutt » Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:46 am

Silons are a closed species by: AutumnMutt

What are silons?
Silons are a unknown Species, they have some characteristic to other animals.
and theres no female in this species.
They have big round ears like a Wild dog,they have 2 big tooth like a syber tooth, a big mane like a Lion, strongest like a tiger and Nocturnal. They have 2 more teeth out (but they are big and Pounti).they have relly big claws. Are big like a horse. They are flufff!!.there hair comes close to the tail.they always have small tails.some of them have spikes and horns.they love to eat, fruits and meat. PLaces that they are is Snow,forests,savanna and mountans.

owner: AutumnMutt
Name: J
Gender: P Male
Rarity: Omg so Rare

Our Mascot J the first silon

our Main Page! <------- Go check it out!

We will put some more silons to adopt soo u can have a opportunity to have one!!!!!!

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