Christmas Forest in a Blizzard, Celebrating Yule!

"Christmas Forest in a Blizzard, Celebrating Yule!" by SnowyAshes

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Christmas Forest in a Blizzard, Celebrating Yule!

Postby SnowyAshes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:50 am

A magical scene lies before you, for you have walked into your living room, still groggy, on a Winter Solstice night, to find this! The wooden floor is still in place, but a bright frosty moon is visible to see, dusted with snow in the air. The walls and ceiling have melted away to make room for seven trees which proudly grow in your own home. You blink, suddenly chilled, stumbling forwards as the scent of pine, spruce and cedar unmistakable hangs in the air. Sheltering under the centre tree, you notice now there are many toys nestled underneath the yule plants. You bob a rocking horse and pat a wolf figurine, laughing a little. Turning, you are face to face with, at first what appears to be a fox. You quickly realise it is a dog with the markings of a fox, holding holly in its mouth. Some more pets join you, providing warmth and comfort. This yule, you have had a magical experience, sat underneath the small woods gathered in your home, enjoying cake and the company of some toys. Merry Christmas!
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