Sure for the first time...

"Sure for the first time..." by Vinson

Dressup entry

Sure for the first time...

Postby Vinson » Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:34 am

Shaking paws slid on a dress, the bow around the back untied, hanging loose. Breaths quivered, nose sniffled as the shawl was slipped over the shoulders, the bow tied, makeup put on. The headband went on after hair was brushed and styled, jewelry placed delicately on the body. Colored contacts were put in as glasses went off, and the anklet was the last thing to go on. Eyes pored over body in the mirror, sniffles turned into cries, and eyes turned bloodshot, makeup ran.
The ball. A nightmare. Asked to dance by a boy in a pristine red suit. Refusal. A snapshot of tears running down a face no longer recognizable.

part two

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