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VISCETS 2.0 : { Moved to dA - Looking for Staff } by Mint Chip

Artist Mint Chip [gallery]
Time spent 10 hours, 56 minutes
Drawing sessions 32
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VISCETS 2.0 : { Moved to dA - Looking for Staff }

Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:12 am

Image Image Image ImageImage Image

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ [What are Viscets?] ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
      Viscets are a closed adoptable species that can be found on dA. They're an omnivorous wolf-like dinosaurian, characterized by a wolf-like body with raptor-like anatomy, long ears, and a long crest of fur. They're a very diverse species, found in pack-like systems living on every continent.

      Since these adopts are a closed species, this means that a regular user cannot simply make one of their own. Read our rules below and check our adopts to see how to obtain them; most can be obtained through form-based competitions (found here) but some are sold for currency (cash, dA points, stubs, etc). So just check the artist's description on the adopt to see how you can win one!

      Also we are currently looking for more Artist staff!
      So if you like Viscets, like to design and are on dA, feel free to check it out (here)!


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Moved FAQ

Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:12 am

Frequently Asked Questions
I still get a lot of pms regarding viscets and my PM box is currently full, so I have disabled my PMs.
If you have a question regarding Viscets, please read below to see if it is answered here. If it is not, you can see our full rules here.

Are Viscet's still active?
Yes, but only on Deviantart. If you're interested, please check out our group.

I have lost connection and/or wish to rehome my viscet, how do I do it?
To rehome viscets, you may gift or readopt them out (for any regular adopts or batches). You can sell currency adopts for the price purchased at and customs for the price you paid for the ticket.

For readoptions, host any contest you'd like on the original thread. Judge at the end and announce the winner.
For gifting, comment on the original thread that this viscet is going to (username). Notify the user to claim the viscet with name & gender or else the claim will not be counted as valid (which means it cannot be bred until 30 days after the day officially claimed).

You are also welcome to use our discord to advertise readoptions or to offer up viscets you'd like to gift out.

You do not have to notify myself or James. of ownership change so long as both you and the user have commented on the viscet's original page. This acts as proof of ownership.

How can I obtain batches?
These can only be obtained via the Nursery on dA, all of our information on how the nursery works can be found on the groups front page. It is recommended you join our group so you will know of our openings.

Can I ask Staff to put my viscets ufa?
Our staff is no longer active on CS, so you must contact them via Discord or Deviantart in order to ask.
But it is recommended you readopt/rehome your own viscets if you are no longer interested in them.
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What is a Viscet?

Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:12 am

[What is a Viscet?]
Since I have no better way of explaining it, Viscets are basically otter-ferret-kangaroo-rabbit-raptor-things.

Anatomy wrote:
Viscets are large, agile creatures characterized by
✦Furred, raptor-like bodies
✦Wolf-like paws with opposable thumbs & sharp claws
✦Ferret-like muzzles & sharp fangs
✦Long ears
✦Double-ringed eyes, with a lighter inner ring of color
✦8ft in height and 12 in length
Some traits may vary.
✦Horns, antlers, scales, & spikes

Genders wrote:
✦Male and Female Viscets are almost identical both physically & socially, except for the obvious.
✦The only significant difference is the female's adapt ability to carry & balance with heavy objects, as they have to be in order to carry their eggs.
✦Male, Female, and Other-gendered Viscets are considered equal in terms of dominance and ranks within the pack
✦Only Viscets of opposite sexes can breed. Unisex creatures are usually infertile, and it is impossible for them or homosexual pairs to reproduce.
✦Viscets are entirely capable of gender expression and genders besides male and female are treated equally.

Distribution wrote:
✦Viscets are found on every continent but Antarctica.
✦They tend to inhabit temperate forest zones; not open plains or dense jungles, but somewhere in between.
✦They tend to avoid deserts, and remain near water sources.
✦Their lifestyle can be greatly impacted depending on their environment. While most live in forests, they are well-adapted to almost any environment.
✦They avoid urban and suburban areas unless in captivity.

Food wrote:
Viscets are Omnivorous. They feed on:
✦Fruit & berries
✦Small mammals
✦Large mammals
✦Domestic animals
What they eat is directly effected by what is available in their environment. It's not unheard of for them to steal domestic animals, and will hunt down large prey in packs.

Social wrote:
✦Live in packs, the size of which depends on food & space available
✦Ruled by Alpha pair; The Alpha of a pure bloodline is considered more dominant over his or her mate.
✦Alpha may be passed on to heir, beta, or to a winning competitor.
✦Viscets are territorial, and mark their territory by clawing a tree up high; invaders will know how big their enemies are from the claw marks. They will chase cougars/wolves/large carnivores from their territory.
✦2 Viscets will spar with tooth and claw.

Relationship with Humans wrote:
✦Due to their friendly nature, they are adored by humans and protected in many places, but some often seek to hunt them for their exotic pelts. Some cultures even revere them as spirits.
✦Domesticated Viscets are popular at petting zoos, companion animals, and even therapy pets.
✦As pack animals, they are incredibly loyal and protective of their family.
✦They cannot speak any human language, but are extremely intelligent and easily trained.
✦Strays can exist in urban/surburban areas, even making packs.
✦Being large animals, they can be ridden by children and small/lightweight people.

Breeding wrote:
✦Go to the Nursery for breeding.
✦Viscets usually mate for life, but just like people, not all relationships are perfect.
✦Viscets may be any gender/sexuality, but only fertile pairs can successfully breed.
✦Mating season occurs in the late winter; a fragile egg is laid after 2 months; the egg hatches 2 weeks later.
✦The mother will stay with the egg, even carrying it with her out of the den. The father often fetches food and guards his family. That summer is spent raising the Viscling.
✦Viscling's hind legs are underdeveloped and they must walk on all fours.
✦They are considered independent at 1 year of age, but will not breed until 2 years of age. Their first breeding season, they will learn how to raise young, but will not do so until the following breeding season.
✦Nursery times are drastically shortened.

Realistic Setting wrote:
    These are just the typical nature of the species in a realistic earth-setting. Anthro and etc. AUs are allowed, and your creativity is loved.

C O M M O N _ T R A I T S

Mane wrote:Image Image
Typical Spiked Mane
Ears wrote:Image
Long Ears
Nose wrote:Image
Wolf Nose
Horns wrote:Image
No Horns

Mane wrote:ImageImage
a lot of variants
Hair, fur tufts, etc.
Ears wrote:Image
Ear variations
Noses wrote:Image
Dragon Nose
Rabbit Nose
Horns wrote:Image
Smooth, thin
consistent horns

Eyes wrote:Image Image
triple ringed, ringless, slit
Snow Leopard,
fox, docked, curled
rounded & armored
Always secluded
Horns wrote:Image
Complex Horns

E V E N T _ R A R E _ T R A I T S
Event rare traits are traits that can only be won at certain holidays & events.
Smaller holidays/events release less event rares than popular events.
More widely-celebrated holidays, such as Christmas, will have multiple releases a year.

All liquid-y
A tail with a mouth
Misty, foggy, spoopy
And there are
many, many others!

check them out
on the mutations
official thread!

L E G E N D A R Y _ T R A I T S
Legendary traits are traits that can only be won at certain holidays & events.
Smaller holidays/events release less Legendary designs than popular events.
More widely-celebrated holidays, such as Christmas, will have multiple releases a year.

    We have several - check them out on our official mutations thread!

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Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:12 am

Basics. Split into sections for convenience.
Do note that the rules haven’t changed any, they’ve merely been condensed for easier understanding and reading.

[General Respect]
    ✦ All users and staff are required to be respectful. Discrimination isn’t tolerated.
    CS rules & policies still apply, respect and abide by them.
    ✦ Please note that by taking part in our species that you are agreeing to all rules and terms of this species.
    ✦ Do not poke at, bug, beg from, or otherwise harass other users within the community.
      This includes anything from adopts, breedings, gifts, art, etc.

[Using as OCs]
    ✦ You are free to give your Viscets any personality, sexuality, etc, or make one your Fursona.
    ✦ Do not change your Viscet's anatomy or give them new items that mimic anatomy (e.g. robotic limbs).
    ✦ You may only alter small non-genetic aspects of your Viscet's appearance (scars, tattoos, etc), unless with permission or instruction from Mint Chip.
    No public nsfw, controversially offensive, or otherwise non-childfriendly material concerning Viscets.
    ✦ Feel free to make creative AUs for your Viscets (outside of their 'lore'), but respect others' AUs in their own threads (such as a realistic-themed RP with no magic allowed).
    ✦ Your viscet may identify as any gender BUT the biological gender cannot be changed after 30 days of ownership (unless gifted--see "Exchanges")

[Creation & Customs/MYOs]
    ✦ You must have permission (staff, GA, or MYO) to create a Viscet.
    ✦ A singular user cannot have more than 10 customs max. (as of 03.01.18)
    ✦ Once created you may not make changes to your adopts/batches for any reason (customs may be slightly edited with permission from Mint Chip)
    ✦ Non-artists may only create designs with a MYO Ticket
    ✦ For custom creation you can either ask an artist to create it or you can make it yourself, however, it must be done on the oekaki. No cover adopts or exceptions.
    ✦ Customs designs & their traits must be approved by Mint Chip to ensure it follows all rules before custom is posted.
    ✦ We host an endless Guest Artist competition to determine GAs each month here.
    ✦ GAs are selected for a 1 month term where they are allowed to create 5 regular main thread adopts.

    ✦ Please ask before creating public threads. Personal threads (OC lists, 1v1 rps) are fine.
    ✦ You are in charge of regulating Viscet rules in your thread(s).
    Stream hosts are responsible for allowing bullying/harassment in their streams. Antagonists should be kicked and reported to Viscet staff.
      To properly report the user to staff, screenshot for proof if possible and contact staff immediately with all the details.
    ✦ Your thread may have its own rules that you may enforce so long as they do not defy any rules listed here.
    ✦ Users may be banned from specific threads in particular rather than the whole community (partial-bans).

[ Adopting Viscets ]
Please read the Monthly Adopt Limits!

[Acquiring Viscets]
    ✦ You can only acquire Viscets from permitted artists, gifts, or permitted MYOs.
    ✦ To adopt a viscet, check our front page for the latest adopts. Ones with UFA symbols are open for adoption, just read the description for how to adopt them as they vary.
    ✦ Artists may host any kind of contests (raffles, fcfs, impress me, etc); respect how an artist hosts and judges their adopt(s).
    ✦ Do not use others' coding unless with permission and citation.
    ✦ Look for the end dates and their listed times. These are important indicators of whether the adopt is still ufa.
    ✦ Any contest may have a Snipe Guard at the artist's discretion (and may be extended 24+ hours if a snipe form has arrived). This is the artist's choice; do NOT harass for a snipe guard.
    ✦ Do not bump, PM, or otherwise harass an artist when a closed competition hasn't been judged.
      You can leave a small (respectful) reminder via pm or bump only if the competition has gone unjudged for 30 days or longer.

[Monthly Adopt Limits]
    ✦ Don't feel like you have to memorize; please feel free to return for reference.
    ✦ See HERE for our old FAQ on our adoption & claim limits. Also previous in-depth written version rules for this page can be found here.
    ✦ You may adopt a limited number of Viscets from those created in a month
    ✦ (Note: Limit dictated by when the UFA was created (or gift was given), not when they were won)
    (updated 03.01.18) In one calendar month, you may acquire:
      ✦ 2 normal adopts (main thread, RU, grown abandoned batch) or 1 normal adopt & 1 gift
      ✦ 1 GA adopt
      ✦ 3 currency adopts (Stubs, C$ or DA-sales)
      ✦ 2 new Event Rare or Event adopt or event RU (directly from event)
      ✦ 1 new (bred or adopted) egg/juvenile
      From those created or gifted within that month.
    ✦ Pre-owned readopts, PPS (including DA-bought), and your custom(s) do NOT count towards monthly limits!
    ✦ You may only win 1 Legendary adopt or use 1 Ultra Batch Potion used per calendar year (renewed Jan 01)
    ✦ Co-owning DOES count towards BOTH owners' monthly limits
    ✦ If you apply for multiple Viscets a month and win your max, you MUST inform the artists of the other applied Viscets (via pm, comment, or noticeable form edit) that you are ineligible to win (may still win HMs/Stubs) or withdraw entirely.
    ✦ We recommend you limit how many adoptions you enter a month.
    ✦ It is your responsibility as the individual trying out or claiming ownership to keep up with your own limits. Staff will keep record as well, but it is your responsibility to ensure you do not go over your limits.
    ✦ Viscets won beyond your monthly limit(s) WILL be revoked
✦ If you use multiple accounts (including off site) to cheat the monthly limit(s), your Cets may be revoked/resold.
✦ You must claim RUs offers within 30 days of announcement or it will be voided.

✦ *Ultra Batch Potions or UBPs are rarer potions that give a specific legendary offspring from a breeding without having a legendary parent of that type or at all. These count for your 1 allotted Legendary win in a calendar year the same as winning a legendary normally.
    please note that legendary readopts or community hosted batches put ufa do not count against this limitation. they count as readopts, which are limitless.
[Breeding Information]

[ Honorable Mentions & Stubs ]
*Only necessary to read when you have been awarded an HM or stubs from a competition.
Please see the Stub Shop for the full details

[ General Info ]
    ✦ What are Stubs? Stubs are our personal viscet currency.
    ✦ Stubs cannot be purchased from Mint Chip in any quantity; they are not sold by staff but earned through various means.
    ✦ They are obtained in several ways; most common way is by participating in contests and winning an HM.
    ✦ An HM stands for Honorable Mention.
    ✦ Stubs can be given out in 3 increments. Based on what the artist thinks of effort you put into your form.
      ✦ HM - x1 Stub
      ✦ HM - x2 Stubs
      ✦ RU Trade-in - x3 Stubs
    ✦ RU trade-in is a transaction of taking an RU offer and exchanging it for stubs instead of a RU. This can only be done before the RU has been accepted and created.
    ✦ Also obtainable by participating in Official Community events that are hosted by the staff.
    ✦ Stubs cannot be gained via Referrals.
    ✦ Stubs are also trade-able for c$, pets, art, and on occasion viscets (adoptables marked with blue ufa symbol).
    ✦ Stubs Adopts can only be bid on and purchased with Stubs.
    ✦ The value of Stubs varies but the rough base estimate is 18 c$ in equivalence.
    ✦ Stubs can be traded for MYO tickets as well, see the Stub Shop for more details.
    ✦ To exchange stubs or add them to your bank; please contact the Stub archivist finifugal ✨.

[ PPS and Reverse PPS Viscets ]
*Only necessary to read when you are considering adopting PPS visclings or using a reverse pps potion.

    ✦ PPS adopts & currency adopts are unlimited. Meaning you can win as many as you'd like in a month.
    ✦ If you wish to reverse a pps or grow it to adult, please see the [url]full rules located here.[/url]

[ Gifting, Readopting or Disowning Viscets ]
*Only necessary to read when you engage in Gifting, Readopting, or Disowning Viscets.

    Viscets may not be traded (for other OCs, viscets, etc).
    You may disown a Viscet by contacting Mint Chip or James. and the Viscet's creator/artist. You may let staff handle it or host a readoption yourself (in which it must be judged within 40 days of the end date).
    To gift a Viscet notify the receiver, an Ownership Archivist, and the original artist. If the Artist is not available to edit the form Mint Chip will comment on the Viscet with proof of the exchange.
    ✦ The new owner may change the biological gender (DFAB/DMAB) as long as it has not previously bred (ever).
    ✦ Tickets & potions may be traded and gifted freely.
[Reselling Viscets]
    Viscets may only be sold for equal or less than they were purchased for.
    ✦ If a viscet was not purchased (e.g. raffle, free contest), then it may not be sold (including nursery or hatchery batches).
    ✦ MYOs tickets, Items, or Potions may be sold for the price they are purchased or purchase-able for or less.
    Unless quitting or other special scenarios, a single user cannot re-adopt out more than 3 Viscets in one month (including putting pre-owned batches UFA). If quitting, a user can re-adopt out all of their viscets if they so wish.
    ✦ A user cannot gift out more than 3 Viscet in one month, regardless of reason.
    ✦ Multiple Viscets may be given in one one-way transaction to separate individuals.
    ✦ A user can only receive 1 gift from the same individual per calendar month.
    ✦ There is a 30 day limit for transactions between 2 users; if you recently gifted to a user, you cannot receive from the same user for 30 days, and vice-versa (trade prevention).'
    ✦ A Viscet must be owned for 30 days without being bred before being gifted unless stated in the original adoption form (ex: "If I win I'd like to give this Viscet to _")
    ✦ Disowning a Viscet for readoption does not count towards Exchange limits.
    ✦ Disowned viscets are placed on a waiting list to be put ufa by staff at a later date.

[ Transferring Out Viscets ]
Only important to individuals considering leaving the species.

[Basic Info]
    ✦ Currently we do not allow for viscet designs on adopts, RUs or batches to be transferred out.
    ✦ Custom viscets will be capable of transferring out at a later time. The system for that is still a wip.

[ Staff Rules ]

      ✦ Respect & regular viscet rules applies to staff as much as anyone else
    [Adopt Info]
      ✦ Use the color references for their respective colors
      ✦ Outline beneath the lines must be in white only.
      ✦ All adopts, customs and batches must be made on the oekaki.
      ✦ Contests can be any sort of contest you'd like. Impress me, fcfs, pusedo-fcfs, naming, raffle, etc.
      ✦ You must be an active part of official artist staff for 1 month (30 days) before making a currency adopt.
      ✦ UFA sign must be on all adopts and changes color accordingly
        ✦ White for Regular Adopts
        ✦ Green for DA Adopts
        ✦ Yellow for C$ Adopts
        ✦ Cyan for Stub Adopts
      ✦ Other signs must be used accordingly
        ✦ Red for Customs
        ✦ Purple for RUs
      Keep track of what all Currency Adopts sold for.
      ✦ Artists will keep only 1/4 (if winning bid is not divisible by 4, round decimal down or up to the nearest whole number) of the earned Stubs from a Stubs Adopt auctions.
      ✦ All DA-sold designs must be submitted to Viscet Forest and must link back to CS.
      ✦ Designs on DA can only be sold for 2000+ points or 360 c$ if made on original lines or with large or multiple non-premade edits (this includes detailed or large custom items)
      ✦ Viscets may not be traded for OCs, art, etc.
      ✦ All Viscet adopts must require at minimum name & gender.
      ✦ No restricting a Viscet OC wise; meaning sexuality, gender, disabilities, etc
      ✦ Put the Viscet's # in the title
      ✦ Nursery staff is permitted to make up to 5 designs max per month on the main thread (regular adopts or currency adopts)
      ✦ Any contest may have a Snipe Guard at your (the artist's) discretion which may be extended 24+ hours if a snipe form has arrived. This is the your choice.
      ✦ Big contests such as legendary try outs or unlimited impress me competitions likely will be psuedo-round competition for fairness. If uncertain, please ask me beforehand.
    [Edit Allowances & Custom Lines]
      ✦ Staff may make 3 Viscets with Uncommon Traits every 8 Viscets made
      ✦ Staff may make 1 Viscet with a Rare trait every 14 Viscets they create
      ✦ Except for special occasions, UFA Viscets should not exceed more than 3 mutations max per viscet
      ✦ Staff may make custom lined viscets to go UFA or sell as a currency adopt, however no more than 2 custom lined viscets can be on the same page. They should be spaced about between 5 and 10 viscets apart.
      ✦ Please try not to make more than 4 custom lined viscets in the same month if possible.
      ✦ Please judge your competitions in a timely fashion.
      ✦ If an adopt has been closed but not judged for 30 days, Mint Chip will contact the artist.
      ✦ If no response is received or competition is not judged within 10 days of being contacted then Mint Chip or another member of artist staff will take over judging the competition within 10 days.
    [Custom Info]
      ✦ You may make your own customs, starting once you've made 20 New Adoptions or 10 Batches
      ✦ You may make a custom with Rare traits for every 25 New Adoptions or every 15 Batches made
    [Staff Perk]
      ✦ Artist staff earn their customs by creating adopts or batches.
      This staff perk only applies to artist staff: main thread, nursery or hatchery.
      ✦ You may claim one gift or disowned viscet once every 30 days.
      This staff perk applies to all forms of staff.
      ✦ You may own an unlimited number of Viscets but only 11 customs total.
      This staff perk of +1 extra custom slot applies to all forms of staff.
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Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:13 am


Artist and permanent staff info has been moved to the Fanclub here.

[Guest Artists]

[Last Month]

[This Month]
term ends

[GA Rules & Info]

    ✦You must have access to the Oekaki/chibipaint platform.
    ✦Staff rules apply to Guest Artists, except....

    ✦There are no unique perks for being a GA aside from creating a limited number of official viscet adopts.
    ✦Guest Artists cannot create currency adopts. Only regular form competitions.
    ✦You may not make your own customs or customs for others as GA.
    ✦You must follow the typical Artist's form when adopting;
      ✦Viscet # in the title
      ✦Comment in description (optional), Form in code and Rules about the form.
      ✦Get the transparent PNG of the design with code.
    ✦Before announcing a winner check to ensure the user has not previously won a GA adopt in that month.
    ✦Once a competition is over and a winner has been selected you must use this format;
      user: <link>
      link to winning form:
      owned as of: <judged date>
    ✦It's alright if your adoptions' end date lasts longer than your Guest Artist term.

    ✦You may make up to 5 designs.
    ✦Of those 5 designs, 1 may have an uncommon trait.
    ✦Your term is over at the end of the month.
    ✦GAs can have an extended term if voted on by Artist Staff.
    ✦You may not make runner-ups.
    ✦You may not make custom lined viscets.
    ✦Ignoring GA rules can result in a strike just like any other rule.

Applications are constantly open in the form of try outs in our GA comp;
new GAs are selected around the first of each month.
Guest Artist Application
try out here

    ✦please list individual examples, not your dA or CS gallery(s) please
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Strikes Warnings & Bans

Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:13 am


[What is a Ban/Strike?]
    Breaking a rule results in a warning.
    Breaking it again begins strikes.
    3 strikes, and you're banned.
    Major faults may lead straight to strikes/ban or multiple strikes given out, such as severe harassment.

    The below applies to total Strikes.
    Partial strikes have minimized and edited consequences. The below are just the worst that could happen.
    Strike 1:
      Period: 7 days.
      User is voided on all entries on current adopts and cannot claim any batches during the ban, but may still take part in threads such as RPs, fanclub, and gift lines. Guest artists are removed.
    Strike 2:
      Period: 14 days in addition to remaining Strike 1 time.
      User is voided on all entries on current adopts, and may not take part in the nursery, hatchery or official RP. Fanmade community threads (rps, gift lines, etc) are up to the decision of their creator. Artists, Guest Artists, and Moderators are removed; may result in a permanent ban for any staff position.
    Strike 3:
      Full Ban.
      Owned designs are revoked and readopted; custom-made designs are voided. User is banned from the community in general.
      Partial permanent bans.
      You may be banned from only certain threads, events, or activities, but are allowed to keep/adopt Viscets and be involved in the community. An example would be abusing the nursery, resulting in a partial-ban banning you from only that thread in particular, but you are still allowed to adopt.
      Warnings are basically every strike ever given out. Punishments will worsen for repeated offenders, if you do something after already being warned not to.


Soulsplosion (538303)
    Strike 1: Cannibalism
    Strike 2: Dank memes
    Total Until: 3/14/1593
Code: Select all
[url=]Username (ID)[/url]
[list]Strike 1:
Strike 2:
Strike 3:
Type/Until <date>[/list]

[Full Bans]
Glitch. (375387), Hannahbug (247181), AlleyBalley (249543), Chomp (149624), <SamDeCat> (900874), Quiller (847955),
Kaarin-the-Riddler (dA)
    Reason: Does not need to be stated
[Temp Bans]

Code: Select all
[url=]Username (ID)[/url]
[b]Ban Type[/b]

[Warnings/Past Strikes]
    . Reason: Broke nursery rule. Bred viscet before 30 days of ownership.
    .. Reason: Form used without permission
    Reason: Tracing artwork & selling color ins
    Further violation will result in immediate ban/redaction of all ownership.
    . Reason: harassment & guilt-tripping for a breeding on numerous occasions
    Received strike 1.
    . Reason: offering to trade for individual's viscet; offering list pets to entice them.
    Reason: accidentally bypassing of ownership rules. Issues 1 strike and penalty of 1 nursery breeding slot removed.
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Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:13 am

Looking for ways to get involved? Come on in!

Want to help out the species? Spread it around by putting a banner in your siggy!

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Colored Viscet Stamps
By Mint Chip
^Click to select from
11 different colors!
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By SilverSamurai
by Request
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Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:14 am

[Closed Species]
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ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

[Open Species]
Image ImageImage

Please tell me if one of our affiliates are closed/inactive and/or don't have our stamp in their Affiliates list
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Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:14 am

Here is a list to any and all open community threads.

Truth or Dare by EverdaleDreamers
Kind of both a roleplay and a game. An ongoing open RP where Viscets play Truth or Dare with each other.
☽Halfmoon High☾ by CorrelateOwl

    [Thread Rules]
      ✦All threads must be open & funtioning to be listed here.
      ✦All threads must be open-all to be listed here, meaning roleplays will not be listed if they are private/1v1 or not currently taking entries.
      ✦To submit, give me a link to the thread to be listed. If a roleplay, give a short description.
        <Name> by <User>
        <Short description>
      ✦Ask before creating any Help/Community Threads.
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Postby Mint Chip » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:14 am



They're the only reason I got into Adoptables.
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